Absolutely horrific news out of Las Vegas. We send our condolences to the victims and their families.

AJC American Jewish Committee

Some thoughts and prayers from our Neighbors for our Neighbors

On behalf of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in East Meadow we would like to express our love and condolences to the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. We are keeping them in our prayers during this very difficult time.  We also would like to honor those who sacrificed their own well being and even their own lives shielding friends and strangers at their own peril; the concert goers, police and the first responders. There have been countless stories of people showing the best of humanity in a time of tragedy.  Our Lord said in John 15, “there is not greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend.” The love shown by those at the concert is greater than the evil done. The light in this world is greater than any darkness. And the light of Our Savior has come into the world and there is no darkness that can overcome the unwavering Light. Lord have mercy on us. 

In the Light of Christ,
Fr. Martin Kraus

The House of Judah, West Sayville

Thoughts and prayers for all affected in the Las Vegas shooting

The Long Island Council of Churches offers its prayers for the victims and their families and we offer our prayers for our nation. Unending thanks must be given to first responders and to all those who offered their own lives to save others.

The individual acts of bravery and selflessness by the victims as they tried to help each other must stand as a tribute to the power of good over any evil that comes our way.

The Council will be posting messages from religious leaders on Long Island on our web site and social media throughout the week. Please feel free to send in your thoughts and prayers for posting to LICCAnthony@optonline.net

Thank you and God Bless America