The Lives We Impact


The Long Island Council of Churches (LICC) is the coordinating body for the ecumenical work of churches throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. For over five decades, the LICC has been an effective center for the coordination, referral and assistance for low-to-moderate income Long Islanders. Through the Council's extensive network of social support resources and its ability to mobilize the volunteer and advocacy efforts of nearly 800 faith communities, LICC is uniquely qualified to respond to the emergency needs of the least fortunate throughout our region.  The LICC serves more than 66,700 individuals and families in crisis annually through its Emergency Food and Family Support Programs.

Family Support Programs include financial education workshops that give participants the knowledge and skills to avoid foreclosure, help people with housing problems avoid homelessness, get out of predatory loans, save money through responsible budgeting and financial management, cut energy costs through financial planning for energy conservation, etc. Family Support Programs provide mortgage and rental assistance, utilities, fuel and gas assistance, prescription and transportation assistance, and a variety of other assistance that frees up funding so our guests can secure employment, get through the waiting period until they are eligible for food stamps, etc. Through the federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program and United Way of Long Island’s Project Warmth, we keep people in their homes and provide heat in cold weather.  Family support programs also include Chaplaincy in the Nassau County Correctional Center.

We also address the causes of hunger and poverty through a variety of advocacy efforts. For example, we advocate for access to adequate health insurance, raising the minimum wage, affordable housing, and other issues that will help to decrease hunger.  Emergency Food, Family Support and Advocacy Programs are ways we alleviate hunger, homelessness and poverty to help our guests achieve self-sufficiency.

The Long Island Council of Churches (LICC), is a not-for-protfit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.

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