Privacy and Publicity Policies

The following constitute the Long Island Council of Churches' policies on privacy and publicity:
Clergy home telephone numbers will not be printed in the LICC Directory unless it is the number clergy have requested us to list for their congregations.

Home telephone numbers, e-mail, or addresses for clergy, our staff, Board of Directors, Board of Mission & Ministry, and Committee members and volunteers will not be distributed without permission.

The LICC Directory will be available to supporting churches and individuals at no charge with membership. Other not-for-profits may purchase the Directory. The Directory will be available to for-profits at the discretion of the Executive Director.

LICC e-mail and fax lists will publicize LICC events and those it co-sponsors. The LICC will not e-mail or fax fliers, letters, or questionnaires from other organizations without expressed authorization from the Executive Director.

The LICC database will not be shared with other individuals, organizations or companies.

Mailing labels will be provide with a charge, as staff time permits, to coalitions to which the LICC belongs, provided that they also help update our database.  Payment will be required in advance.

We will not sell lists of individual donors.

Our newsletter, the Prelude, will include, as space permits, brief announcements (50 words or less) of local ecumenical and interfaith events and services offered to local congregations. Text must arrive in usable format before the deadline. We make no guarantees to include such material and is at discretion of the Executive Director.

We will include press releases or brochures in our newsletter only when space permits. We make no guarantees to include such material and is at the discretion of the Executive Director.

All submissions to the newsletter are subject to editing for length and clarity. The editor's judgment as to what is appropriate, interesting, or offensive to our readers will be final.